Service & Repair

Our fully trained field service engineers based across the United Kingdom provide a quick response to your laboratory equipment breakdowns.
As an addition we can offer an emergency 24-hour response, to maximize productivity.

Our technicians also understand how important your equipment function is to you and your daily operations.
It is important that laboratory equipment is regularly maintained, as this can often reduce the frequency of breakdowns and ensure maximum performance.
Types of equipment we cover

• Air Injectors
• Anti Vibration Table
• Autobomb
• Autoclave Standard
• Autoclave Large
• Air Filtration Table
• Autoflash
• Autogas changer
• Baths
• Block Heater
• bv 1000 vortex mixer
• cdc air filtration unit
• Centrifuge Refrigerated
• Centrifuge
• Compressor
• Cyclon water stills
• Cytomat Incubators
• Cytomat robotic arms
• Freezers ult and Bench
• Fridges Bench and Pharmaceutical
• Furnaces
• Gas changeover unit
• Grant tube warmer/heater
• Incubator co2, multigas, no gas, orbital and cooled
• Safety cabinet class 1&2
• In2 Dewer and In2 Storage
• Nitrogen Generator
• Mutidrop combi
• Orbital shakers
• Oven Standard and Vacuum
• Pipette General and Multi
• Plate readers and Plate Washers
• Rapid stacks
• Speedvac concentrators
• Steam sterilisers
• Thermometer
• Vacuum concentrators and Pumps
• Water purifiers
• Straw sealer